Image of "Crowned In Frost" CD DIGIPACK

"Crowned In Frost" CD DIGIPACK


- NOTE: if ordered together with a Pre-Sale item ("Winterbane" CD or Vinyl, "Winterbane" T-Shirt or "Warforged" T-Shirt) this item will be shipped as soon as the Pre-Sale items become available (April 23 at latest).

*Please specify in the comment if you want the album signed

The 2nd album of the female fronted Power Metal band!
Digipack + 12-page booklet


1. Arctic Gales
2. Neverending
3. In The Dark
4. Battles In The Night
5. Winterfall
6. Unspoken
7. Lost In Time
8. The Wolf And The Maiden
9. Forever
10. Enthroned
11. Crowned In Frost

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